Kevin, Mnetics

Just a quick message of thanks regarding Adam Pengelly. I was on site and had issues gaining comms via local switch fibre ports. Adam suggested me using a spare RFS4000 I had in my car, with an Extreme SFP. Had not thought of doing this so hats off to him, good work much appreciated!

Sally, DHL

Just a note to say your guys were brilliant today. Done a cracking job just a pleasure to work with!!

Oliver Corby, LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics

Something we take pride in here on Oxford St is not only providing world-class service but also taking ownership of problems, irrespective of how challenging or how late in the day they maybe. Whilst enjoying that feeling of well-earned satisfaction once they are fully rectified and the client happy. I get the impression with a motto such as ‘My Customer, My Responsibility’ JBrand are much entwined with us in this regard. So when a select few of your employees display the above traits, and do so routinely without the need to ask or negotiate they simply act… we certainly take notice. Clearly they are the embodiment of your company motto which should not go unrewarded.We would therefore like to extend our deepest appreciation, and respect, to the following staff: Warren Edge, Dick Palethorpe, Ashley Davidson, Maryanne Nelson, Gail Crilly, Dion Peddle. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do for us.

Angela Warrener, DL Partners

Customer service and follow-up at J Brand is, in my experience, as good as it gets!  Thank you for all your help thus far; you have been so patient and tenacious.

Peter Craven, Debenhams

A quick note from me on behalf of Debenhams for you to pass on to those involved for the excellent service and professionalism your team have given us during the last few weeks in helping us to complete the office moves in London. Everyone they have engaged with in Debenhams has had great praise for the team and we really appreciate the flexibility they have shown in demanding circumstances. There is still work to do over the weekend and into next week but the time is right for us to show our appreciation at this late stage in the project.

Sal Usmani, LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics

Thank you for your time the other day, I hope I successfully managed to convey how well our iPOS project has been received, none of this would have been possible without the efforts of JBRAND. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those involved but I would also like to single out a couple of individuals who have continued to deliver beyond expectation. Dave Bryan has been an engineer who has shown a willingness to succeed and I am delighted he has been working on this project. He has demonstrated on countless occasions that he would not take no for an answer when store managers wouldn’t allow him to come onto site if unannounced. He would put in the hours if installs didn’t go to plan and refused to throw in the towel when many would have. Thank you Dave!! Warren Edge in Runcorn has shown levels of intelligence and aptitude time and time again when assisting us in troubleshooting whilst staging and building our components. He has often been the ‘voice of reason’ for me and has never got phased when drowning in the nonsense AT&T and BT were flooding us with. He would sometimes assume the mediator in those situations and would even suggest alternative ways to approach things after we would conclude the numerous conference calls he involved himself with. I have always valued his input and his ability to think outside the box and he was always happy to do things above and beyond his responsibilities. Thank you Warren! I sincerely hope we retain these two individuals for our rollout next year and if there are any accolades or awards that you have internally for employees of the year etc, please consider these two gentleman, they would both certainly get my vote! Whilst I think things haven’t all been plain sailing l think we both share the same concerns regarding support and we will take sometime to work together to address these issues. In the meantime let me thank you all again for helping me deliver my project and actually exceed my targets, it’s been stressful but we have succeeded!! Lets all take some time to recoup and recover, have a wonderful Christmas and do it all over again next year!!!

Martin Mullett, The Perfume Shop

Please can you pass on my thanks to Joe, he is very professional and a credit to J Brand.

Cathey Reardon, Complete IT Systems

Can I just say that I’m really impressed with you and your company from start to finish. My customer was really impressed with how you guys helped get all the equipment taken down too. Will be using you again and will recommend you around the company.