Smart Signage for Retail & Hospitality
Smart Signage for Retail & Hospitality

Smart Signage for Retail & Hospitality

With large, multi-national retailers continuing to refine their bricks & mortar offerings, J Brand is delivering smart signage and data realization solutions to enable those businesses to leverage real-time store information, tailoring content displays and streamlining customer journeys. Our solutions are powered by MiTEQ, a dynamic asset management and tracking solutions provider, delivering retailers with ambitious data-capture and communications technologies. Harnessing the AI Audience Measurement Platform from Quividi and turning it into actionable output via Samsung Smart Signage Displays – powered by Magic Info – J Brand can help retail stores use real-time audience monitoring technologies to push the most appropriate content to customers throughout stores.

My core uses


  • Present product information when customers pass
  • Display product pricing when customer footfall meets an established threshold
  • Push price promotions to quieter parts of store


  • Display customer guidelines and push tailored instructions (depending on customer values i.e. whether they are wearing a face mask)


  • Create interactive displays that react to customer behavior i.e. complementing customers when they smile


  • Track audience metrics e.g. dwell time
  • Measure audience characteristics in real-time e.g. temperature


  • Relay store information to employees


  • Our software is designed to provide insightful data by means of fully anonymous measurements.


  • Quividi’s software employs advanced facial detection software, not facial recognition technologies. Audience data is generated from aggregate measurements of passers-by: think of it as a “smart turnstile”.


  • Quividi’s software never collects any information that is uniquely associated to an individual; demographics are assessed purely from visual cues. All video processing is performed locally in real time so that no image needs to be recorded or transmitted.


  • Right-size staff resource for improved customer experience based on discovered patterns
  • Measure Dwell Time and Watcher Durations
  • Optimise promotional offerings based on known audience presence
  • Gain key insight to footfall and audience attributes, such as Age Class

My Delivery

  • Privately owned, with Shareholders and Directors in place for over 40 years
  • Single point of contact dedicated to the ‘My Customer, My Responsibility’ Ethos
  • Tailor works to meet customers’ requirements
  • Extensive experience of setting out a scope of works, and planning projects
  • True UK Nationwide Coverage & Capability, with European experience
  • 120 directly employed staff & operatives with the right to work in the UK & DBS checked
  • Minimum training for operatives – ECS (CSCS) card, IPAF, Working at Height & Asbestos Awareness
  • All employees have company mobile phones, tablet or lap-tops and access to portal for project files
  • All employees have access to a real-time Health & Safety Portal and electronic sign off system
  • Over 60 vans, none more than 30 months old, all fitted with satellite tracking
  • HQ in W1 London with a bespoke 26,000 Sq. Ft. Facility in Cheshire
  • Industry Knowledge, Experience, Accreditations and association membership
  • Commitment to embrace new training required for specialist / bespoke projects
  • Continual Investment in improvements, without effecting available funds or accounts
  • Multiskilled workforce, on a continual learning & development plan
  • Longevity, stability, consistency and experience – trading since 1933
  • We build and maintain relationships with partners and customers
  • We operate reward schemes for employees
  • Complimentary services
  • Constant and proven ability to embrace Technology and comply with the associated Standards

Quividi at Harrods