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With sustainability being a major global concern, businesses across the globe are looking at how they can “Go Green”.

MUM ~ Measure – Understand – Manage!

At Reflect Energy our fully qualified, experienced engineers can ensure an immediate, major cost savings simply by monitoring your behavioural use age. With the results we can recommended changes & save you/your company £££’s!

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Reflect Energy is a dynamic, innovative company specialising in sustainability, with a particular focus on energy monitoring, solar solutions, voltage optimisation, consultancy, low energy lighting and remote monitoring.

About us
Reflect Energy is privately owned and backed by J Brand, an organisation delivering 80 Years of service.

Managed by a senior team of energy experts with a vast experience and first class pedigree in the energy sector, with a demonstrable track record in delivering sustainable solutions to the commercial and agricultural markets.


Established technology with financial returns
Solar Photovoltaic (or Solar PV as it is commonly known) convert light into electrical power using a thin layer of semi-conducting material (usually silicon) encased between a sheet of glass and a polymer resin.

When exposed to daylight electrons in the material become energised and flow through the material generating a direct current (DC).

This DC is carried through wiring to an inverter, which converts the current to 240V alternating current (AC) so that it can be connected to the home’s main electricity supply.


Solar Thermal

Hot water heating…the best solar thermal products under the sun!
Reflect Energy daylight solar tubes are produced in Germany and are widely acknowledged as the best available. Our supplier is a world-wide market leader at the forefront of research into thermal energy and development of solar tubes.

Rustproof, lightweight and highly efficient, our robust thermal panels have a proven track record, winning awards and satisfied customers around the world.
Our solar tubes come with a full 10 year product warranty and are built to give years of trouble-free performance.


Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Power Optimisation® (VPO) is the foundation of every energy efficiency programme.
It makes the single biggest impact to assist you in achieving your energy saving and carbon
reduction targets.

A unique, proven technology
Voltage Power Optimisation is the unique, proven technology only found in a Power Perfector. Power Perfector optimises voltage, dealing with the discrepancy between the actual supply voltage you receive (207V – 253V) and the optimum voltage your electrical equipment needs (220V). For the first time ever, it gives businesses, manufacturers, councils and government the opportunity to micro-manage and improve their own power supply.

Reduces carbon emissions and cuts your energy use by up to 20%
Voltage Power Optimisation cuts your energy use by up to 20%, reduces carbon emissions by up to 15%, your maximum demand by up to 15% and prolongs the life and reliability of all equipment in your premises that runs on electricity – from a £500 laptop and HVAC to a £1m lathe or printer.

Protects the entire electrical infrastructure of your site
Voltage Power Optimisation creates a more efficient, robust and reliable electrical supply for your site, protecting your entire electrical infrastructure.

Reflect Energy will manage all aspects of the deployment from initial meeting through to investment justification and deployment.


Low Energy Lighting

The Reflect Energy Lighting offering is based around two key areas; LED and Lighting Controls.

LED Technologies
The first new light source in twenty years. LED technology can be found in many general lighting applications.
The main advantage over conventional light sources is their long life, efficiency and small size. Compared with conventional lamps, the efficiency of LEDs is increasing rapidly and are inherently controllable with a digital signal.

Lighting Controls
Lighting controls are used primarily to save energy, ensuring lighting is not used when areas are not occupied or sufficient daylight is available.

The solution could be as simple as manual dimming or could involve luminaires being automatically controlled by detectors which switch lighting on when movement is detected and , after a configurable ‘off time delay’, switch it off when vacancy is detected.

The Reflect Energy consultant, through the lighting energy survey, will look at the various options and produce a detailed proposal, with payback periods, based upon the idiosyncratic nature of each business.