The core basis of the purpose designed Runcorn Distribution & Commissioning Centre (RDCC) and over 120 engineers spread throughout the UK make J Brand the ideal choice as a partner for any organisation that is planning an upgrade to their EPOS system.

J Brand’s primary goal is to provide complete technical solutions to our customers.

The design and implementation of new networks or support for existing hardware investments, we provide solutions that will meet your company’s needs now and as they evolve in the future.

Seamless performance:

Most of our clients aren’t in the business of IT infrastructure and, as such, IT concerns should only occupy a minimal portion of their time. At J Brand we strive to make the infrastructure behind your business operations invisible in its seamless performance, allowing you and your organisation to concentrate on its own strengths and performance.

Maximising value:

Working with clients across a diverse range of industries, we work to solve even the most complex technical problems and design solutions to maximise the value, efficiency and performance of your network operations, data centres, servers, storage systems and cloud computing, thereby optimising your business performance.

The investment advantages of having a single company, using in-house resources, to undertake data, electrical, RF and PC build and deployment services are numerous.

Runcorn Distribution and Commissioning Centre:

In order to offer these commissioning and deployment services the Runcorn Distribution and Commissioning Centre (RDCC) was opened in 2003. RDDC is a 26,000sq .ft. purpose designed facility with a storage capacity for over 500 pallets and commissioning bench capacity of over 120 linear metres. From a security perspective it is manned 24 x 7 x 365 and has over £5million of insurance cover. Additionally, for disaster recovery there is a second smaller facility that is used for sensitive projects and peak time overflow.

The PC deployment offering continues to evolve and as well as the nationwide PC deployments, work has also been undertaken in head office locations such as desktop upgrades to support internal IT staff. J Brand are often viewed as “An extension of the customer’s internal IT team”.

Each PC deployment is different, but an initial pilot will be undertaken to ensure that all aspects of the project are understood and any design work is carried out in lab environments rather than during the deployment phase. The deployment phase will then be undertaken using J Brand employed staff and managed by the dedicated project team.