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Canopus Solutions Limited are industry specialists in the area of secure data destruction and IT asset disposal. Our range of services have been developed in response to the increasing importance of data protection legislation, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directive, UK (England & Wales) waste legislation, and the hazardous waste act, all of which make businesses responsible for the ethical disposal of used IT equipment.

As part of J Brand, with a business philosophy based around “My Customer, My Responsibility” many clients see Canopus Solutions as a key “strategic partner” with a determination to deliver solutions on time, within budget and to a first class standard.

Data Destruction

Canopus Solutions offers proven secure solutions when tackling client data destruction requirements. Our clients will benefit from our professional approach to data destruction, utilising CESG, approved data destruction methods. Anyone responsible for managing data bearing assets must understand their legal obligations, as well as the consequences if that data were to pass outside of their control. We will provide fully documented procedures ensuring the highest standards are maintained throughout the entire data destruction process.

On receipt at Canopus Solutions’ refurbishment facility, data bearing media is asset tracked to ensure an auditable trail is established. An initial erasure wipe of the Hard Drive is carried out to InfoSec 5 approved levels of destruction via a LAN Server. Any Hard Drive unable to be fully wiped is removed from its unit, recorded, and sent through a HMG Approved Degaussing process. Once degaussed the Hard Drive remains stored within an internal secure area prior to be taken to a secure facility for supervised shredding.

We use industry leading tools that permanently wipes all data from a Hard Drive up to CONFIDENTIAL, RESTRICTED, SECRET and TOP SECRET level. The software is tailored for desktops, laptops and also server units with raid systems. It will overwrite data from any size of ATA, IDE, USB, SATA, or SSD drives. The software can be delivered to the units via various formats and has full CESG approval.

Mobile & Tablet Devices
Ensuring the control of data on such devices and being able to release residual value in these swiftly superseded devices will be one of the biggest challenges for businesses over the next few years. With the rapid expansion of mobile computing solutions including mobile phones and tablets our data erasure services have been expanded to include erasure for these devices. With iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices covered.

Verity Degausser SV91M
This piece of equipment is designed to erase a range of magnetic media including Hard Drives, Tapes and Cassettes. This unit takes approximately 10 seconds to complete its erasure cycle. CESG approval has been given for RESTRICTED (lower level) and CONFIDENTIAL (higher level) information.



Canopus Solutions has a wealth of experience within the IT Industry and identifies the need to reuse rather than recycle end of life IT equipment. Most of the equipment identified as ‘End of Life’ by most companies looking to upgrade or refresh their IT Asset Infrastructure, is actually perfectly good working equipment. Reuse is the preferred option as stated in UK Waste Legislation, each and every item refurbished is another item not sent for recycling. Although items which fail testing and cannot be refurbished are sent for WEEE complaint recycling. There are many routes for reused items, some of which benefit the clients and charities.


Once a decision has been made that environmental disposal is the required route for equipment supplied by clients, professional partners are used to ensure the most ethical processes are used. We will ensure all items are maintained within a WEEE compliant process, in addition all items will be tracked through our comprehensive system and Certificates of Destruction and Recycling produced. At Canopus Solutions we appreciate that our clients require more than just minimal compliance, detailed asset evidence needs to be supplied throughout the recycling process.

All our recycling services are comply with the following:

  • WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive.
  • UK (England & Wales) Waste Legislation
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Hazardous Waste Act
  • Landfill Directive and resulting regulations
  • Pre-treatment regulations
  • Producer Responsibility Regulations
  • Battery Directive (2006/66/EC)


Canopus Solutions working in partnership with J Brand can offer a full redeployment services for equipment processed through our facility. Once equipment has been processed and erased by Canopus Solutions it can be stored until required for new sites, additional users, or projects that need to be delivered on a tight budget.

Working with J Brand we are able to offer a full commissioning service for equipment stored until required including imaging, testing, and set-up. Further to this we can manage the logistics and installation of this equipment back to site, providing a one stop shop for your project.


Special Projects

With our vast experience dealing with companies of different sizes and industries, Canopus Solutions is ideally suited to manage all your IT projects and are able to offer the full range of services J Brand offers.

We support and manage projects with Charities, Schools and various retail organisations. Canopus Solutions deals with IT Disposal collections throughout the UK, with direct collection and delivery to our technical centre in Runcorn, with a team of GPS tracked drivers allowing for a single journey with no overnight stops. If you have collections to be made from multiple locations over multiple dates, Canopus Solutions can also support this.

special projects

Paper Shredding

The paperless office has been talked about for many years, but unfortunately we are still not there. Whilst you know Canopus can help with the destruction of your electronic data, we can also assist you with your document shredding requirements.

We provide a range of services from ad-hoc shreds to regular weekly collections. We can provide services both onsite and offsite and all paper shredded is recycled. We can also supply storage containers for your shredding including sacks, desk side consoles and lockable wheelie bins. So if you are clearing out some old archiving or want to discuss your regular requirements please contact us today.

Paper shredding
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